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NANONIX JAPAN - World Distributor Policy

Become a Distributor of NANONIX JAPAN Products.

We are looking for distributors cover Europe and Aisa mainly,  


With our state of art technology in glass coating products's production. You can 100% confident in our quality. Nanonix is 100% genuien type of glass coating.

Our car glass coating products have been developed through years of research and the information we provide is invaluable to companies and customers who truly care about the cars they maintain. As a products distributor, you will be given spec sheets, customized brochures. NANONIX JAPAN can handle the research on underserved areas to provide the maximum profit for all their distributors. Authorized distributors are designated a territory that includes detailers, rental agencies and internet leads. Being an authorized product distributor also "protects" your territory so you can spend less time worrying about losing clients to competitors and trying to find new markets on your own.



Shipping and Freight:
All freight charges are the responsibility of the customer and will be billed on the invoice. Shipping charges are non-refundable, and it is the buyers responsibility for paying any freight charge incurred by refused shipments and unclaimed goods.


Your Privacy:
Your transactions are completely secure.

We never rent or sell our customers' data to anyone. All information held is strictly confidential.

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