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Innovative and high performance hard coating – Brings out the metallically shine like crystal glass and supreme protection to paint surface for the long lasting period. This is NANONIX - Real Pro Glass Coating

Why NANONIX is different from other glass coat? 

With our scientist team’s effort to develop the shiniest and the most durable glass coating in the market, NANONIX Japan is proudly to introduce to the world the most advanced nanotechnology coating; “NANONIX”; the combination of ‘beauty’ and ‘greatest protection’.

"NANONIX is the most advanced nanotechnology silica coating from Japan that brings the perfection to all vehicles’ paint surface with long lasting period of protection"
"NANONIX gives you the real crystal glass"

Besides ‘Beauty’ creation that shines like fascinated crystal glass, NANONIX’s 9H (pencil hardness) glass layer performs a strong shield protection against any damaging environmental elements such as oxidation, contaminants, acid rain, UV rays, scratches, chemicals, bird droppings and water deposits.

The coating is made up of two components. ( A and B) The two liquids react to create a promising permanent bond which adheres up to 5 year

When the two components are chemically cured, it is the permanent bond! The only mean to remove NANONIX is to polish the surface with the professional polishing equipment.  


1. Advanced modified silica-based coat -Gives high gloss shined like

    crystal glass

2. 9H Hardness and thick protective layer 9H - Excellent scratch

    resistance, chemicals resistance and UV rays resistance against

    color-paint fading and protecting white paint to becoming yellow

3. Hydrophobic water repellent effect – Dirt with water easily rolls off

    enabling ‘Easy-To-Clean’ and leaving less water marks on surface.

    Dirt can be washed off easily using nothing but water.

4. Super Hard glass film – Inherits flexible property against cracking

    and peeling when temperature severely changes 

5. Nanotechnology inorganic coating – Provides high adhesive

    strength of the paint, long lasting performance up to 5 years.

NANONIX provides an innovative and high performance hard coating – Brings out the metallically shine like crystal glass and supreme protection to paint surface for the long lasting period.


This is Advanced Modified Silica Construction merged into the paint surface.


Super deep gloss looks like a masterpiece of quartz diamond's glaze. Beautifully and persistently hard, merge into paint.


brings out the highest performance glass-based body coating. Achieve mohs hardness 9 super harden coating film is not only superior to anti-scratch but also protect from UV rays, acid rain and any other elements. Also super water repellent top coat has dense fluorine ingredient makes smooth film and brings out water repellency and oil repellency, achieves long lasting anti-fouling performance.

CRYSTAL ZEAL, a state-of-the-art inorganic glass-type coating causes water to glide off and drain smoothly removing dirt from auto bodies effectively. achieving the best dirt resistance possible. superior weather resistance allowing to maintain visually appealing results. In addition, final results are significantly improved by preventing unevenness and scratches that can frequently become major issues when working on darker colored auto body surfaces. 

superior weather resistance !!

Long lasting for 3 years 

Recommendation before coating process

Paint recovery before glass coating system

Tips for ultimate results : If your car has undesirable scratches, swirls and poor surface condition, car polish is recommended to eliminate these flaws. The cleaner the surface is before NANONIX is applied, the better crystal shine and durability NANONIX glass film will last.Apart from cleaning your car with a conventional shampoo, ultimate cleaning the surface with clay and PRE GLAZE™ (Powerful clean liquid for paint surface) are highly recommended to entirely remove the over left wax, any fillers and wrecked contaminants

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